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We Need to Stop Being Afraid of Real Food

Real RAW milk. A living food packed with beneficial enzymes, probiotics, bioavailable nutrients, and antibodies. A wealth of health, and yet if you visit the CDC website you’ll see words like “serious illness” and “death” and cute little infographics with cartoon versions of all the bad bacteria that are allegedly lurking in raw milk waiting to make you sick. Well, I think we can all agree after the past two years that the CDC isn’t exactly a beacon of scientific truth.

Meanwhile, I watch people checking out at the grocery store with carts full to the brim with processed foods, laden with preservatives and artificial colors and flavors that the government has deemed “safe.” We have an epidemic of childhood obesity and diabetes, soaring cases of allergies, autoimmune disease, adhd, autism, and on and on. Why? Look closer. Look at how our food is grown, produced, preserved. From CAFO’s to GMO’s we have marched at a steady pace away from nature.

“If you throw Mother Nature out the window, she comes back in the front door with a pitch fork.”

- Masanobu Fukuoka, The One Straw Revolution

I asked my 8 year old the other day “what would happen if we bought pasteurized milk from the store and left it out on the counter for a week?”

“It would spoil, it would stink, it would be moldy” she said.

What happens if we leave Carolina’s raw milk out on the counter for a week?”

“It turns into cheese!”

Yup. It turns into cheese. Because raw milk is full of beneficial bacteria that outcompete any bad bacteria and naturally ferment the fresh milk into a healthy, nutrient-dense, completely safe and edible product. It’s called clabber. Our ancestors have been making and eating clabbered milk for thousands of years.

We need to stop being afraid of real food. We need to start asking why they don’t want us eating real food. Why they don’t want people who are vibrantly healthy and energetic and who take responsibility for their own health and wellness. Because sickness is a racket, disease is a racket. They want us sick, they want us tired, they want us dependent on their pills and propaganda, they want us afraid because a fearful, sick population is very easy to control.


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