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Organic Active Sourdough Starter
  • Let me paint a picture of what I think is a pretty typical modern experience with sourdough - you see someone decorating a beautiful loaf on Instagram and you want to try baking sourdough bread, but the minute you start researching it your head is filled with words like autolyse and levain and every recipe seems to have a strict schedule of events, measurements, hydration percentages and dough temperatures. Then you convince yourself you need 19 new kitchen gadgets and a Brod and Taylor proofing box for a cool $200. Finally the whole endeavor just seems overwhelming so you go back to your trusty jar of rapid-rise yeast and decide to tackle it another day. Sound about right?


    Remember this is REAL bread, the way that naturally leavened loaves were made for centuries. No fancy equipment, no intimidating terminology, no need to have a phd in chemistry. In many cultures, this type of bread used to be a part of daily life in every household. It can be that for you too!


    The first thing you need is a sourdough starter. You can make your own or I can help jumpstart your process with some of our farm-fresh sourdough starter! We only ever feed "Ursula" with certified organic flour (yes, there's a story behind that name, and yes you do have to name your starter). ;) 


    Along with this starter you will get my master sourdough recipe that I use every. single. day.  You can use this recipe to make everything from sandwich bread, to a rustic boulé, to pizza dough, pretzels, burger buns, and bagels.  The same 4 ingredients, no fancy tools or measurements, you will be baking insanely delicious and stress-free bread in no time! And yes, you can ask my any and all questions!

    Organic Active Sourdough Starter

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