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Dairy Herdshare Annual Membership
  • What’s a herdshare, you ask? Well it’s a way to bring home healthy, raw milk for your family even if you don’t have a farm or a dairy animal on your actual property. In 2018 NC passed the herdshare law, allowing individuals to buy into a herd and as part-owners of the animals they are now entitled to the raw dairy products from those animals. They are not technically buying raw milk, which is still illegal, they are paying part of the costs associated with feeding, milking, and caring for the herd and they receive milk (at no additional charge).




    While I firmly believe that raw milk should be fully legal and available to everyone who wants to benefit from it, this legal loophole is a starting point that will allow us to serve a few families in our community who are looking for a way to bring nourishing, raw, real foods into their home.



    By purchasing herdshare membership, you acknowledge that you have read and accept all the information on this page under "Herdshare Information."



    On this page you pay $40 per share to buy into the herd. After you buy into the herd, you will also need to pay the monthly fee of $24 before your first pickup or delivery! You can pay right here in the online farm store or at your first pickup/delivery each month. Online payment links are below.


    Jersey Cow Herdshare Monthly Fee


    Goat Herdshare Monthly Fee


    You can pickup your share on farm or we can deliver right to your door within 35 miles of Trenton, NC (Jones, Onslow, Craven, Carteret, Lenoir counties). If you'd like to pickup on farm, the FIRST PICKUP DATE is Saturday, April 1st or Sunday, April 2nd between 10am and 4pm. Deliveries will begin the week of March 20th and the delivery schedule is TBD based on sign ups!


    With each herdshare membership you will receive 1/2 gallon of raw milk per week.


    Jersey Cow Milk & Goat Milk are available.

    Dairy Herdshare Annual Membership