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Pasture-raised Mangalitsa Whole Hog
  • Reserve your pasture-raised Mangalitsa hog!  Price is based off of a 200lb hog. 


    We raise our pigs on pasture, fresh air, and sunshine and never use antibiotics or hormones of any kind.  Their forage is supplemented by non-gmo nuts and grains, farm-fresh milk and whey, and vegetables from our organic kitchen garden.


    We will walk you through the cut sheet, customizing your hog to your exact specifications!


    A whole-hog will have a hanging weight of approximately 200lbs which will result in approximately 160-170lbs of packaged meat, including:


    • smoked, uncured bacon (sliced) or fresh pork belly
    • pork chops (you choose the thickness!) and/or bone-in loin roasts
    • spare ribs or st. louis ribs
    • 2x pork tenderloin
    • fresh hams (half or whole) or smoked, cured hams (half or whole)
    • boston butt roast
    • picnic shoulder roast or blade steaks
    • Approximately 50 lbs of ground that can be turned into smoked sausage (jalapeno, bell pepper and onion, kielbasa, or andouille) or choose 2 options below:
    • ground pork
    • hot or mild country sausage (bulk or link)
    • hot or mild Italian sausage (bulk or link)
    • Chorizo
    • and of course the coveted Mangalitsa back fat and leaf fat that can be rendered into lard!
    • If desired you may also take home the organ meats, neck bones, feet, tail, skin, and head (be adventurous!)


    The Mangalitsa is an incredible old-world breed has been called the "kobe beef of pork" and recognized by Slow Food in their Ark of Taste. They are a lard-type breed that not only produces delicious silky, white lard that, when raised on pasture, is high in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, but they will also give you the most decadent cuts of dark red, marbled meat you have ever laid eyes on!


    What makes Mangalitsa pork special?


    • Mangalitsa pigs are slow growing, reaching market weight no earlier than 15 months as opposed to commercial breeds which are processed at 6 months.  The extra time and care that goes into raising them is well worth it, as this longer growth time results in pork that is exceptionally rich in flavor, has a beautiful texture and is heavily marbled with delicious fat!
    • The fat!  Mangalitsa lard is like no other!  It has integrity while cooking, instead of melting completely away, but is very tender, sliceable, and edible.  The texture is amazing.  Don't trim the fat!
    • The fat is healthy!  Mangalitsa lard is very high in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids.
    • If you're wanting to try your hand at your own homemade charcuterie, this pig is world-renowned!

    Pasture-raised Mangalitsa Whole Hog

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