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Classes with Heather

In 2019 I started teaching wildcrafting classes for children and in the past five years, I have had the joy of introducing over 1000 students to the wonders of foraging for wild edible and medicinal plants!  I have several groups of intermediate students that I teach on a weekly, ongoing basis.  It has been such a joy to plant the seeds of plant medicine in the minds of these budding herbalists because I truly believe that teaching our children about the natural world is the single most important thing that we can do for the future of our beautiful planet and teaching it through the lens of healing might just be the most important thing we do for the future of humanity.

You can find my Introduction to Wildcrafting Class on 

Over the years I have had many requests from parents of my herbal students to teach an adult course.  This course is my answer to that.  A way to put the information directly into your hands, so that you can craft your own healing lineage and pass it down through the generations.  I hope you will enjoy the depth of knowledge you will get from this course and that at the end of it you will step back and look at your apothecary cabinet, filled with beautiful remedies you crafted with your own hands, and feel a profound sense of awe at what the earth gives us and a confidence in your own abilities to heal your loved ones and facilitate deeper connections between people and plants.

My Herbal Journey

My education in botany and herbalism has been a combination of two decades of self-study, various courses with other incredible herbalists, and, in 2021 I completed a 2-year program in advanced clinical herbalism through the School of Evolutionary Herbalism. However, my greatest teachers of all have been the plants themselves!  There is no substitute for getting outside and spending time with the plants, tuning into each of their unique energies, and having real experiences using and working with them! 

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