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To get on the waitlist, please visit the link below and click on the button that says "notify when available."

Our first dairy animals were miniature goats, we weren't living on our farm yet, we were in a suburban neighborhood!  I wanted to be able to give our family fresh, raw milk, but at that time the only way to legally obtain raw milk for human consumption in NC was to own a dairy animal!  Well, we really fell in love with goats and raw milk, and they were one of the main reasons we were compelled to move from the suburbs and start our farm. Nowadays, thankfully, bringing home healthy, raw milk for your family has become somewhat easier thanks to the passage of the NC HERDSHARE LAW. 

The NC Herdshare Law allows you, the consumer, to purchase partial ownership in a dairy herd.  Since you are a part-owner, it is now legal for you to bring home your raw milk!  Technically you are not buying the milk, you are buying into the care of the herd and by doing so are now allowed to receive the raw dairy products produced by that herd. You can pickup your share of milk on farm or we can deliver right to your door within 35 miles of Trenton, NC (Jones, Onslow, Craven, Carteret, Lenoir counties).

Here's how it all works:

When you sign up for a herdshare, there is an initial annual fee of $40 per share.  This fee is assessed once per year on the anniversary of your initial purchase.  This fee goes towards the annual veterinary costs necessary to maintain the health of the herd and covers the cost of your 1/2 gallon glass milk jug (they have a shape that fits very nicely in a refrigerator and a grip that makes it easy to lift and pour). Voile!  You are now a herdshare member and part-owner of a dairy herd - fun!


There is also a monthly fee of $24/month per share ($6/week for four weeks) for board, hay, feed, care, and labor associated with milking and caring for the herd.  For delivery orders, the monthly fee is $32/month per share to cover associated delivery costs. Monthly fees can be paid through the website or a payment processor like Venmo or Zelle.  You can also pay in cash at pickup. If you pay via subscription on the website the payment will automatically renew every 4 weeks. 


With your share you receive 1/2 gallon of raw milk per week during the lactation cycle and you will also have access to any other dairy products that are produced on the farm. Remember, there is no additional charge for milk!  You get the milk because you are paying for the partial ownership and care of the dairy herd! Dairy products produced from the herd, such as artisan cheeses, heirloom yogurt, butter, and kefir may be available and will come with an associated labor fee.  Once you are a herdshare member you will get access to a members-only dairy shoppe on the website where you can see what is available each week.

You can purchase as many herdshares as you need (subject to availability). 

An example:

If you want 2 shares of the herd (1 gallon of milk per week) you would purchase 2 shares @ $40 each : $80

Then each month you would pay the monthly fee of $24 x 2 shares: $48

If you were to continue to be a herdshare member and receive milk for an entire year (52 weeks) then your total annual expenditure would be: $80 + $624 = $704 and in return you would receive 104 1/2 gallon bottles of milk.

If you're feeling a bit confused, please reach out and we will be happy to answer questions!  I wish it could be more straightforward, but until raw milk sales are fully legal this is the only way we can do it!

We are a very small farm and have a very limited number of herdshare spots, so when you buy into our herd you are joining something very special!  Our farm becomes your farm!  You will receive exclusive access not only to the raw milk and dairy products on the farm, but herdshare members will also get weekly updates on what other products are available on-farm that week, so you can add on fresh eggs, vegetables, pasture-raised meats, culinary and medicinal herbs, and more to your pickup or delivery each week!  

Our cows are purebred Jersey cows, they exclusively eat grass and broad-leaf plants that grow in their pasture and are supplemented in the winter/early spring with coastal grass hay.  On the milk stand they receive organic alfalfa pellets.

A few notes:


Wildheart Farm will retain majority ownership of all dairy animals and all decision-making regarding their feeding and care.


Whew!  That was A LOT of information!  If you're ready to join the herd, click the button below to sign up!

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