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Miniature Alpine Dairy Goats

We raise Miniature Alpine dairy goats, which are a cross between a Nigerian Dwarf and an Alpine.  In the past we have raised Nigerians, Saanens, and Nubians, but the Mini-Alpine is by far our favorite for size and production.  Our goats are similar in size to a Nigerian Dwarf, but produce like an Alpine!  At the height of the milk cycle these small goats can produce over a gallon of fresh milk per day!


Both Alpine and Nigerian Dwarf goats are known for their extremely high quality milk.  Alpine milk is known for its exceptional nutrition compared to other goat and cow milks and Nigerian Dwarfs are known for their sweet, creamy milk that has the highest butterfat content of all goat milk and makes lovely cheeses.


Our goats are raised without the use of antibiotics or other pharmaceutical medications.  We treat common ailments with quality herbal remedies.  Our goats have access to a variety of grasses, broad-leaf plants, and brambles in our pastures and their forage is supplemented with the highest quality feeds we can purchase locally: organic alfalfa pellets and non-gmo seeds and grains (oats & sunflower seeds) as well as our G.O.A.T. Herbal formula.  They have round the clock access to fresh water, minerals, kelp, baking soda, and Himalayan salt.

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