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Meet the Peeps



A Dutch breed prized for its production of beautiful dark brown, speckled eggs.  We love the unique "paint patterns" on their eggs and consistent production.


Easter-Egger / Olive-egger

The colorful "mutts" of the chicken world!  We love how friendly and cute these chickens are with their puffy cheeks and colorful eggs!  No two are the same!  Our olive eggers are a cross between an easter-egger and a Welsummer rooster.


Pastured Poultry

We hatch and raise our own meat chickens here on the farm.  Our pastured poultry program began with Freedom Rangers. The chickens known as Freedom Rangers or Red Rangers in the US came from an imported breeding flock of Poulet Rouge Fermier (a trademarked name) chickens in France. The Poulet Rouge chickens were developed to be able to thrive foraging on pasture while still producing meat that was unsurpassed in flavor and texture.  Our meat flock is now is a mix of the Freedom Ranger and the largest offspring and best foragers of our heritage breed chickens. We are bringing in heritage Bielefelders and Delawares to our pastured poultry program in 2023.

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